What is DIG SOUTH Tech Conference?

DIG SOUTH connects leading global brands like Oracle, IBM and Salesforce to the top tech leaders and entrepreneurs in the South. We gather in gorgeous Charleston to make deals, share the latest digital trends and build relationships. Curated tracks include technology, marketing and business.

When and where is the next DIG SOUTH?

Who doesn’t love Charleston, the world’s #1 destination? DIG SOUTH will be held April 25–27, 2018 at the Charleston Gaillard Center and other stunning locations across the gorgeous Charleston peninsula. Take in a world-class dining scene, hit the beach and grab a meeting with a local fast-growth tech company or Fortune 100, including Boeing, Bosch, BMW, Volvo, Daimler/Mercedes-Benz Vans or Michelin.

Who attends and speaks at DIG SOUTH?

Over the last four years, DIG SOUTH has welcomed more than 5000 attendees and 800 speakers from the world’s leading brands, including Facebook, Google, BuzzFeed, IBM, Boeing, Twitter, The New York Times, Adobe, Kickstarter, VaynerMedia, Inc, Fast Company and hundreds more. DIG SOUTH focuses on connecting those brands to the South’s top 500 tech companies including Blackbaud, Red Hat, Benefitfocus, BAH, Terminus, Snagajob and BoomTown plus tech-powered companies like Coca-Cola, Dixon Hughes Goodman and many more.

2018 Theme: Relevance

The 2018 DIG SOUTH theme is “Relevance,” as in “Are you Relevant?”

What are the relevant strategies, platforms, technologies and systems I should be using right now?

What specific digital marketing, advertising and social media strategies will keep me relevant in a disruptive world?

How do I make my company relevant to funders?

How do I become and sustain my position as a relevant executive, business or thought leader?


Topics within each track deep dive into leadership, code, IoT, AI, digital marketing, brand storytelling, e-commerce, gaming, digital health, wearable tech, 3D printing, app development, location-based promotions, design, creativity, viral video, music, social media, digital publishing, funding, creative collaborations, the evolution of tech and creative culture, transportation, eSports and much more.

DIG SOUTH attendees include …

the top 500 tech companies in the South plus leading C-level innovators and disruptors, entrepreneurs, startups, digital marketers and strategists, software and hardware developers and engineers, designers, technology executives, investors, members of the national media, arts professionals, musicians, researchers, inventors, media planners and buyers, publishers and many other Web-savvy professionals and leading creatives.

…fall between 25–50 on average, are well educated and many have advanced degrees.

…are high-income earners with most making $100,000+.


…is an historic, coastal, culinary mecca, but it’s also an innovative hub for established and emerging tech and tech-related industries – just ask Google, Boeing, Benefitfocus, Blackbaud, SPARC, PeopleMatter, Blue Acorn, BoomTown, BMW, JetBlue, Volvo, Daimler, Amazon and many others. And, like Charleston, Atlanta, Raleigh-Durham, Nashville, Miami, Savannah, Greenville, Jacksonville, Richmond, Chattanooga, New Orleans, Birmingham, Louisville, Dallas, Houston, Austin, D.C. and other Southern neighbors are emerging as strong tech sector players. Get in the game now.


Sexual harassment is a form of sex discrimination which is prohibited under federal and state laws including Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 and The South Carolina Human Affairs Law. DIG SOUTH Innovation Conference is dedicated to providing a harassment-free experience for everyone, regardless of gender, gender identity and expression, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, ethnicity, religion (or lack thereof), or technology choices. We do not tolerate harassment of Conference participants in any form. Participants violating these rules may be sanctioned or expelled from the Conference without a refund at the discretion of Conference organizers.


Succeeding in the South.

Stanfield Gray

CEO, Founder

Head of sponsorships, development and finance.

Sunny Gray

Harriott Parker

Leading sponsorship development and cultivating expansion opportunities.

Harriott Parker

Sponsorship Director

Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill (Research Triangle region)
Director of Marketing, HQ Raleigh // Innovate Raleigh

Allyson Sutton

News & Social

Brand identity, interactive development, feats of visual wonderment.

Matthew Sheriff

Art Director
Logan Venderlic

Web and music.

Logan Venderlic

Digital Director

DIG SOUTH is forever grateful for the generosity of our DIG Nation pioneers. These visionaries saw the potential in our Conference and gave us the swift “Kickstart” we needed to launch.

Marshall Walker, Jana Eggers, Victor Boudolf, C. King, Amy Jordan, Omatic Software, Todd St. Onge, The Charleston Mattress, Victor Boudolf, Barry A. Burke, Brooke Casey, Yates Dew, Dominic, Lindsey Havens, Kelley Jarrett, Adam J. Moore, Courtney Rowson, Center for Women, Garden & Gun, Bryan Luce, Laura Plotts, Britton Josey/Tread Josey, Jessie Bower, Matt Anderson, Dave Baxter, Cecil Beeland, Jamie Britt, Ben Cash, Courtney Cell, Elizabeth Cline, Greg Close, Kevin J. Conlon, Mitchell Davis, Erika Firm, Terry Fox, Cole Futch, Jesse Hartle, J. David Hoffman, Ethan Jackson, RH Kennedy, Josh Kohl, Joe & Carol Mason, Mac McSwain, Xavier Meier, Angie Mizzell, Kate Nevin, Angel Postell, Brian Rhodes, Robben Richards, Leila Davenport Ross, Heather Solos, John C. Sullivan, David Townsend, Steve Warner, Sarah Church/Joe Church, Patrick L. Archibald, Jeff Beck, Marshall Brink, Austin Bryan, Todd Craig, Distil Union, Clint Fisher, Holly Fisher, Jenny Fowler, Devin Grant, Ashton Graydon, Earle Gregory, Mark Gunnels, Drew Harrison, Jonathan Hoffman, Andrew Hollowell, Sarah Howard, Celeste James, Jadran Jones, Allison Jordan, LabThug, Rick Link, Shane Lasby, Natalie J. Lawrence, Katherine Link, Susan Myers, Chad Norman, Chris Quinn, Nick Rakestraw, John Rowland, Gil Shuler, Kevin Smith, Chris Starr, Patrick Sullivan, Jaime Tenny, Eric Thome and Katie Thompson, Tina Arnoldi, Ronii Bartles, Adam Boozer, Rhett Lightfoot Boyd Jr., Thomas Brady, Jared Bramblett, Tracy Burkett, Michael Carnell, Rick Case, Digital Charleston, Dale Daigle, Steven Dix, Debbie Donovan, Brian Duncan, Bobby Earl, Emmeline Edwards, Logan Edwards, Jeff Evans, Rebecca Finley, Jeffrey Elliot Fleming, Mark Emerson, Jeff Fuller, Matt Hiott, Susan Lucas Hoffman, Mary Hutchins Harris, Claire Johnson, Micah Johnson, Mateo Jones, Amber Joyner, Thomas Joyner, Kelly Knight, Sarah Krapfel, Tim Latsbaugh, Jessica Bobbitt Leddy, Connie Little, Little Highrise, Christina Lor, Erin W. McCall, Liz Mester, Jessica Mickey, Catherine Morgan, Matthew Morse, Sheree Muse, Mike Orren, Ted Ownby, Amyleigh L. Pellegrino, Kira Perdue, Erin Perkins, B. Rakestraw, Colleen Reilly, KD Rich, Josh Silverman, Els Sipkes, Lee Snelgrove, Jonathan Spohn, Leah Suárez, Diana Swart, Lisa Turansky, Tara Derr Webb and Lua Martin Wells, Drew Anderson, Abi Angel, Clay Austin, David Bates, Bellaluna, Bonton Studio / CityTrex LLC, Lars Bredahl, Humberto Briceno, Ben Bussey, Burton Callicott, Haley Campbell, Hollis Carrouth, Lee Clarkson, Lucas Cobb, Amanda Bunting Comen, Samuel Cuevas, Cecelia W. Dailey, Jennifer Dienst, David Douglas, Joe Dwyer, Zoya Eydelman, Wendy Ezelle, Merideth Garrigan, Catherine Giddens, Andrew Hanhauser, Maura Hogan, Hannah Hosemann, Joe Hosemann, Brad Huffman, Leslie Isaksen, Mascha Jansen op de Haar, Megan Jean, Rachel Jenkins, Dominic Kelly, Katie Kosma, Natalia LeDang, Jack Linke, Heath Meade, Midosm LLC, Sara Miller, Claire Monahan, Steven Padilla, Nancy Palo, Jammie Pappadakes, Robert Pearce, Jen Petroff Smith, Cheryl Smithem, Bryan Spahr, Darius Tavasoli, Elizabeth Tinga, Keira Williams, Tom Wilson and Steve Padilla.


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