DIG SOUTH 2018 Theme: Relevance

DIG SOUTH Tech Conference selects the best of the best, the most innovative executives, experts and fast-track entrepreneurs working today in technology, marketing and business. Real time info from people in the game.

April 25-27, 2018, speakers will share deep knowledge, strategies and tactics to keep you and your company relevant in a disruptive world.

TRACK 1: Marketing & Sales
Multi-Channel Demand Generation, Customer Experience, Data-Driven Approaches, Personas, Content, SEO, Search, Email, Mobile, Adwords, Video, Social, Viral, Design and more.

TRACK 2: Technology
SaS, Apps, CRMs, AI, AR, VR, MR, IoT, Video, IP, Cybersecurity and more.

TRACK 3: Business
BizDev, Go-to-Market Strategies, Growth Hacking, Talent Recruitment, Angels, VCs, Crowdfunding, Accelerators, Incubators, Exit Strategies, Office Culture and more.