DIG THE MISSION: Connect leading global brands to the South’s growth-stage startups.


DIG SOUTH focuses on the top 500 tech companies in the South (DIG 500); the top tech-enabled and tech services companies in the South; leading-edge entrepreneurs, executives, founders, investors and experts; and, corporate–startup collaboration, incubation and acceleration.




Who Speaks at DIG SOUTH Tech Conference?

DIG SOUTH focuses on speakers drawn from the South’s top 500 tech companies and leading global brands. Most have a minimum of $10M in ARR and many are venture backed. We welcome fast-track entrepreneurs, executives, founders, investors and experts currently leading innovative companies with a proven track record of success.

We also host renowned authors and thought leaders who work at the leading edge of technology, business, marketing, culture, and other game-changing industries plus digital economy and tech ecosystem experts.

Preference is given to tech, tech-enabled and tech services companies.

Theme for 2019: What’s your story?

We want to hear your story … What does it take to make it as a tech founder? What’s your brand story? Growth story? What did you learn from your biggest failure? … What’s the story of the most relevant new tech platforms in AdTech, Blockchain, Healthtech, Saas, IoT, social media, AI? How can I partner with a Fortune 500? When should I pivot? Take venture capital? What’s the story of your biggest exit? … What’s the story of the future?

Who Are Your Past Speakers?

A sampling of our speakers includes Gary Vaynerchuk, Casper CEO Philip Krim, Jet President Liza Landsman, Vox CEO & Chairman Jim Bankoff, Kickstarter CEO Yancy Strickler, Re/Code Senior Editor Peter Kafka, Bonobos CMO Micky Onvural, TechStars EIR Chris Heivly, Sharp Imaging President Doug Albregts, Peter Shankman, 2041 Founder Sir Robert Swan, Lolly Wolly Doodle CEO Brandi Temple, VF Corps Head of Innovation Soon Yu and hundreds of others.

When are Speakers Selected?

The form will remain open through March 31 with speakers booked on a rolling basis. Early bird takes the stage.


DIG Tech dives into the latest software innovations related to SaaS, Apps, CRM, CMS, AI, AR, VR, MR, IoT, Robotics, Machine Learning, Cybersecurity, Wearables, Video, IP, Mobile, Transportation, Energy, Product Development and more.


DIG Marketing delves into all things driving MarTech and Sales, including Multi-Channel Demand Generation, Digital Advertising, Social Media, SEO, Customer Experience, Data-Driven Approaches, Account-Based Marketing, Inbound, Content, Viral Video, Design and more.


DIG Business explores BizDev, Go-to-Market Strategies, Growth Hacking, Recruitment, Angels, VCs, Crowdfunding, Accelerators, Incubators, Diversity, Office Culture, Startup Ecosystems, Exit Strategies and more.


DIG Blockchain–FinTech focuses on the underpinning architecture and rapidly evolving applications for Blockchain including Bitcoin, Hyperledger, Smart Contracts, Cybersecurty, FinTech, ICOs, Cryptocurrency, Healthcare, Government, Gaming, Utility Tokens and more.


DIG HealthTech focuses on cutting-edge advancements in MedTech/HealthTech, Admin Reform and Payer-Provider-Pharma innovations transforming today’s global healthcare system. Innovators, investors, providers and leading experts will connect for curated talks, demos, exhibits and prime networking.