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Friday, April 26, 2019, 1:00–5:00 PM
Charleston Gaillard Center
95 Calhoun Street

DIG SOUTH’s Wild Pitch Demo Day is the South’s Capitol of Capital. We invite innovative, scalable startups (from early to growth stage) to present their companies to an audience of top-shelf investors, corporate-startup collaborators, and DIG SOUTH Tech Summit speakers and attendees.

2018 Wild Pitchers (presented at last summit)

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Charleston, SC

The Pitch

All_ebt is a smart wallet for Food Stamps. With 22% of the US population is on Food Stamps we see a spending of $126 Billion dollars each year.

Currently, people on food stamps cannot use their food stamps to shop online. All_ebt give people on food stamps the ability to shop online via our digital wallet.



Charleston, SC

The Pitch

AndMe.TV is a virtual meet & greet platform that helps celebrities and influencers create fan experiences unlike any other. Using interactive video technology, fans can “get in line”, join the virtual stage, and meet their favorite influencers face-to-face.

The Problem: Born from a meet and greet that fell short, we wanted nothing more than a real, genuine interactions with our favorite musicians. The meet and greet experience is broken.

Musicians are exhausted and these events are uncomfortable and sometimes dangerous. This led us to launch the fan engagement platform, AndMe.TV, helping artists engage and grow their fan communities in a safe, virtual environment, while creating authentic experiences for fans.

AndMe.TV is launching in the music industry, but we plan to expand to all industries of celebrities and influencers, with sports and entertainment next on the roadmap.



Charlotte, NC

The Pitch

Cloosiv is a merchant-agnostic marketplace that establishes a bridge between digital and physical commerce, by allowing consumers to make purchases and earn savings regardless of what they’re buying.

Cloosiv is the Amazon of brick-and-mortar commerce. With a single app, consumers can save time and money by making purchases and earning rewards directly on their phones, while also discovering new options within their local community of merchants. For that merchant community,= Cloosiv delivers a polished, digital experience to their consumer-base, while at the same time enabling market exposure on a low-cost platform, effectively eliminating the cost burden of building their own solution.


Commit Good

Charleston, SC

The Pitch

Commit Good is a reward-based, charitable marketplace, fundraising, and philanthropic ecosystem built on the Ethereum platform.

The team at Commit Good are dedicated to creating a system of giving that is transparent during all stages of the donation process. Commit Good will reward users for certain activities conducted through the Commit Good platform with the creation of the GOOD token. These tokens will be valued as blockchain assets as their utility will be defined through incorporation of key features and rewards. GOOD tokens will be used for marketplace transactions, fundraising, donations, and last mile delivery. 


Growler Chill

Pawleys Island, SC

The Pitch

Growler Chill is a countertop appliance that keeps three craft beer growlers cold, fresh, and on tap right at home.

Half-gallon glass growlers are the preferred way to take home craft beer otherwise available only on tap.  But, there is a problem with growlers. They go bad within a doy or two of opening due to exposure to oxygen and loss of carbonation.

Growler Chill solves the growler problem and extends the life of beer to 3 weeks after opening. Growler Chill is an IoT connected device controlled by the user’s Android or iOS device to allow remote access to system status and amounts of beer remaining in each of the three growlers.




The Pitch

Spave is a mobile app that makes saving and giving as easy as spending. We call it “spaving,” so that every dollar you spend is an investment in yourself and a better world. Link your bank accounts (checking, savings, debit/credit cards), select your favorite causes from more than 1.5M qualified nonprofits and define a percent you want applied to each purchase you make. Then just live your life and you’ll support the causes you care about and save for your dreams without changing a thing..

The convergence of several stark factors in our society are creating a perfect storm:   -More than 50% of the US population aren’t saving for retirement — it can be upwards of 80% depending on age, gender or ethnicity.

-1/3 of Americans (and 42% of Millennials) are saving nothing at all

– 69% have less than $1000 in savings; 34% report no savings at all – Changes within charitable giving, coupled with the economic crisis of 2008 has tightly constrained and over-burdened nonprofits, diminishing and diluting impact.

-66% of Americans think giving regularly is important, yet 45% give no money at all. The desire is there; the discipline is not. – A major shift is occurring in how individuals perceive and engage with banks. The Millennials Disruption Index predicts there will be a seismic change in banking within the next five years.

So, what will our society look like in 30 years if we’re not taking care of ourselves or the institutions that are caring for those in need?


Locally Epic

Greenville, SC

The Pitch

We put connect consumers with businesses when they are nearby ready to buy today. We include a customer loyalty platform along with AI-ML-PA so buisnesses can understand what consumers are in the area, their buying habits and the ability for the software to create the message. We also include a real time ROI on every campaign that the buisness sends out.

Problem is reaching consumers in real time when they are near a business and ready to make a buying decision right now.
Problem is proving ROI on Marketing and Advertising Campaigns.
Problem is what consumers are nearby that have done business with me before.



Atlanta, GA

The Pitch

More children under 5 die from pneumonia each year than measles, malaria, and AIDS combined. One of the biggest contributors to these deaths is the current market standard for diagnosis, chest x-rays, which can take several hours to several days to receive results. Nopneu is working to change these facts.

Nopneu is a revolutionary, single-use test to rapidly diagnose pneumonia. It is being developed to detect the presence of the primary agents of pneumonia in saliva, in 1% of the time of the gold standard, for minimal discomfort that will also allow earlier medical intervention. The system works through the combination of a saliva collection system and color-coded results. When pneumonia is present, a color change takes place to indicate the presence of the disease. The core value proposition of Nopneu is a quick diagnosis, with a user-centered design, a non-invasive collection system that is location independent and does not require the user to have a specialized medical or scientific background. With a test that is easy to use as a pregnancy test, parents and doctors alike will be able to easily use the device and can be empowered to say no to pneumonia.



Myrtle Beach, SC

The Pitch

Companies that outsource work requiring a construction-related permit are equally liable for ensuring permits are obtained and closed.

At PermitZone, we help large corporations that hire subcontractors for services requiring permits to a.) know if a permit is needed, b.) know if the contractor received a permit, and c.) know if a permit has been properly closed.



Columbia, SC

The Pitch

Our product provides the self-storage industry, owner and customer a seamless, fast and convenient online rental platform to rent a self-storage unit.

Rather than simply make a “reservation” to hold a unit or complete an addendum with required follow-up at the store level, we have created a fully comprehensive rental platform that is efficient and a positive disruptor for our industry. This service allows a self-storage owner and store level employee to capture more rentals and make more money with less effort. Whether it’s the banking industry, airline industry or retail, we have provided our customers with the service they come to expect; the ability to buy/rent at their pace and at their fingertips.  



Charleston, SC

The Pitch

The hiring process has not changed in 2,000 years. We receive a resume, conduct an interview, and then make a final decision. Despite advancements in every other faucet, companies still rely on intuition to make their most important decision. Today, 46% of new hires fail in the first 18 months. That means we are only 4% more efficient than a chimpanzee! That changes with SENTIO.

Using artificial intelligence and the science of psycholinguistics, SENTIO is reinventing the hiring process. Our sophisticated technology 1) analyzes the top performers at the company, 2) learns the shared characteristics of the top performers to build a custom Success Profile, 3) and compares all applicants to that baseline. The result is less screening, less interviewing costs, less recruiting costs, better hires, and less turnover.

Our product is more accurate and costs 1% of our competitors. We have a strong team of software thought leaders with several exits. Our market is huge (half a trillion) and we are receiving significant traction in the ATL, Charlotte, Charleston, and Greenville markets.

SENTIO is in a position to shatter the hiring market.



Atlanta, GA

The Pitch

StaffWRX is a cloud based marketplace connecting employers, staffing providers and employees in a single system for the best results.

Currently there are over 20000 staffing companies operating over 40000 offices across the United States. There is no easy way to engage multiple staffing companies let alone a single portal to manage the engagements. It is currently a frustrating process and no one is tackling the problem at its core.

StaffWRX provides a single portal to engage with staffing companies, find the ones that are the best fit for you and manage the employees, communication and billing in one single easy to use portal providing quicker and easier access to human capital when you need it.



Atlanta, GA

The Pitch

Targetbay (TB) operates a unique SaaS eCommerce marketing platform for SMB ecommerce clients. Its unique technology stack layers robust customizable ecommerce marketing and workflow tool sets on top of a personalized email engine.

By offering a SaaS product that pays for itself in less than four months in the fast-growing eCommerce market, TB is positioned to gain market share rapidly. TB’s robust platform significantly improves eCommerce conversion rates and revenue by automating several eCommerce marketing tasks and by providing real time customer lifecycle data. Within six months TB will have the first eCommerce automation platform with embedded POS system integration. This unfair advantage will create an offline and online omni channel unified customer experience for SMBs’ clients.


ViViD, The Fireworks Show In A Box!

Simpsonville, SC

The Pitch

Grand Finale Entertainment, Inc. (an early-stage high tech fireworks entertainment company) is developing a safer and easier fireworks entertainment solution for upscale party hosts and professional event planners to add the magic and majesty of fireworks more easily to their most important parties and celebrations.

Our new fireworks solution is called ViViD, THE FIREWORKS SHOW IN A BOX!  ViViD helps resolve the challenges with fireworks such as cost, space, logistics, debris, excessive noise (where needed) and helps to simplify complex fireworks laws.  With the ViViD online show creator tool, people enter their special event details and get a worry-free, fireworks show in a box that’s custom made, beautifully designed, safer & easier to use, smartphone controlled and delivered right to their front door for their special event!  Shows come complete with insurance, permit and a ViViD Tech to handle everything at each special event.


Zeriscope, Inc

Charleston, SC

The Pitch

Zeriscope is an open access, web-based mobile exam system that facilitates comprehensive, real-time video enabled telemedicine exams.  Most existing telemedicine systems today are based on old and expensive hardware-based video conferencing technology, and can only function within a medical facility, thereby limiting the usefulness.  Zeriscope is built on the latest mobile video streaming standards and is capable of simultaneously streaming real-time patient physiological inputs, such as stethoscope, ECG, blood pressure, pulse oximeter, heart rate, respiration, etc.

There is tremendous pressure on our healthcare system today to: 1) reduce costs, 2) provide access to the underserved population, and 3) improve timeliness of medical services.  Zeriscope’s comprehensive mobile medical exam kit directly addresses these challenges by 1) leveraging key medical experts and reducing hospital readmissions, 2) taking the medical diagnostic and treatment capability directly to rural and non-ambulatory patients, and 3) enabling early detection and intervention, and emergency services.


11:30 AM – 1:00 PM – Entrepreneur check-in
3:15 – 5:00 PM – Wild Pitch

DIG SOUTH Tech Conference Concludes


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2. Problem Identification: What problem are you solving?
3. Market Size and Accessibility: Who else has this problem?
4. Solution Quality: How will/do you solve the problem?
5. Assessment of competition: How does your customer currently solve this problem?
6. Revenue Model: How are you going to make money?
7. Market Strategy: How are you going to find customers?
8. Team: Who are you and why should we care about the company?
9. Vision: Where will you go from here?


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